A simple click or twist prevents retractable pens from marking the insides of pockets and bags.

Starting at $0.25 ea.

Stick Pens

These classic capped pens are versatile enough for all types of events and businesses.

Starting at $0.22 ea.

Stylus Pens

With the addition of touch screen styluses, these custom pens can be used with electronic devices too.

Starting at $0.48 ea.

Highlighters & Markers

Custom highlighters and markers stand out with bright colors and bold lines.

Starting at $0.60 ea.


Traditional wooden and mechanical pencils are simple and effective promotional items.

Starting at $0.17 ea.

Custom pens and personalized writing instruments are among the most popular promotional products available today. With our online design tool, you can easily customize a wide range of pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers with your own logo or text. Whether you are shopping for a small business or a special event, we offer promotional pens in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Shop our selection to find the right one for you.